Caregiver Chronicals

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Caregiver Chronicals

When I was in High School I got in trouble a lot and there was an old person’s home near our campus. One time I got assigned  31 of hours community service by my principal. He thought it’d take up more of my time and keep me out of trouble… he was right.

Everyday for a month I had to go volunteer at the home. They asked me to read to this lady who couldn’t see the print in books very well. I read to her all sorts of things I would never read, like classic novels, tales of Epic Legends, a lot of Poetry. She never said too much. Always just listened to me read and thanked me for my time.

One of the last days I was assigned to read to her she had a gift for me. It was book I hadn’t heard of and on the inside cover there was a quote that said

“Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

I found out months later that the book was written by her. One day I went to visit her and ask her why she didn’t tell me that she was the author. When I walked in she was sitting by the window just looking outside. I asked her what was read to her today and she told me how there isn’t anyone to read to her anymore so she hadn’t listened to anything in a while. On my way out I left her my Ipad, headphones and a library full of Audio books I thought she would like with a note that read that same quote.

– Kelsy J, 32 Ct.

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