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I had a patient assigned to my floor a few years ago. He was an interesting fellow. Every time I walked past his room he’d be talking to himself in the mirror, not just little chants but full on conversations. He had a lot of visitors and while his actions determined that his logic wasn’t all there, he held pretty cognitive conversations. If you met the guy for the first time you probably wouldn’t realize he had any diagnosis.

“Hey Jeff,” I interrupted one of his one on one conversations. “I’m getting ready to take off, did you need anything else for the evening?” He didn’t respond right away, instead he finished his sentence in the mirror.

“… Thats all you can do for the day, and there’s going to be more visitors tomorrow if you need to act differently then you will have another chance to do it then.” He turned to me then “No Marcus, thank you.”

“Jeff, what are you talking about id you don’t mind me asking?” I sat down behind him on his bed.

He looked at my reflection in the mirror for a moment before saying “I am just talking about my  day.”

“What about your day?” I ask.

“Well I firmly believe in the mirror test.”  he said turning around to face me, “All that matters is if you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and tell the person you see there that you have done your best for the day.”

“Why not just tell yourself in your head?” I ask

“When you ask god for forgiveness its one thing to say it to your self, but its a whole other experience to go to a preacher and tell him all your darkest moments and ask him to pray for you.” He shut his eyes and lowered his head, without opening his eyes he continued. “I don’t always recognize that guy in the reflection but I know this is my room, that is my plant over there, and my picture of my wife on the bed stand. I know that that guy is me. Everyday I tell myself to be better so when I meet God I know that I tried as hard as I could to be an honest human.”

I touched his shoulder, and looked at my reflection and said “You did a good job today, tomorrow you’ll do great” I turned to Jeff who was watching me curl his lips into a smile.

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Quote of the week

“She made the broken look beautiful
& the strong look invincible.

She walked with the weight of the universe on her shoulders, and made it look like a pair of wings”

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Walk With Me

Walk with Me

By Norman McNamara

Walk with me my friend, walk with me a while,
Step into my shoes, and walk a different mile,
Do you see what I see, through the foggy mist?
What can’t you see now? have you got a list?
Can you see things clearly, or cross a road ok?
Do you know what time it is, can you name the day?
Walking down the road, is not so easy now,
Do you feel your stumbling, and your head do bow?
When you meet your “friends” do they act the same?
Do they wave at you from across the street, do they call your name?
Or do they walk away, pretending your not there,
After years of friendship, do they now not care?
So walk with me my friend, walk with me a while,
Step into my shoes, and walk a different mile,
This i have to go through, each and every day,
I pray dementia`s demons, never come your way,

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Caregiver chronicles

I walked into the break room with my orange and sat at the table with one of my co-workers.

“You look a little down today Cherrie, everything alright with you?” I asked

She looked up towards the ceiling, “An old friend that used to work here used to say to me ‘Sometimes, all you can do is smile, move on with your day, hold back your tears & pretend everything is ok’ remember that one newbie. You’ll need it soon” She stood up put her coffee cup away and re entered the halls to continue her rounds on her wing.

I loved my job, working with the elderly was always something I wanted to do. When you work some place where your friends are constantly passing away it wears on you.

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