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Indescribable feeling

Today is my 52nd Wedding anniversary.  My husband bought me flowers that look similar to the ones i’m holding in an old wedding photograph. It all looks foreign to me.

I sometimes feel like i’m living a life based on what other people tell me my life is.  My concept of what is real is through memories of stories that people have told me.  I mean, I can picture it happening, even imagine myself doing what they say I did.  

The part that is discerning is that I can’t remember how I interpret emotions based off what they said.  

I saw a spider this morning and I squashed it. Fred told me I am usually terrified of spiders and I always ask him to kill them, then my daughter remarked his statement with thats becasue mom’s trying to make you feel manly.

I can see myself doing both those things. However, today I simply grabbed a napkin and swatted it without a second thought.

“You Alright?” Fred asks, letting the corner of the newspaper he’s reading dip down so he can look at me. “You are awfully quiet.”

I nod my head and smile.

“I love you, darling.” He said returning my smile and continuing to read his paper.

I thought about that statement. Perplexed by the words.

“Fred, what do you mean by that?” I ask.

“Hm” he folds his paper. “Darling… like Sweetheart, Dear, Love.”

“That last one, what is does that mean?” I push.

“Love?!” He sounds shocked, he studies my face for a moment. “Ah dear, Love is…” He sighs and taps his chin with the tip of his index finger before starting again. “Love is the intoxicating emotion I feel when I look at you. It’s the pride I have in calling you mine, the comfort I have when you’re around, and promise we made to always stand by each other until death do us part.” He touched my hand, held it for a moment and swiftly wiped away a tear from his cheek.

“Fred, I don’t remember what that feels like.” I say in a raspy whisper. My throat was tight and tears spilled down my face. His words were so endearing but again it sounds like a story that could be about us, but also so estranged.

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Medicine Monday

For many years the only way we could figure out what was wrong with the brain was by opening it up and looking at it. However, that would be like touring a factory while it was closed. Technology has come a long way with the different types of imaging we use today to virtually see what is happening inside our heads. That said even just looking can still seem alluding when you want to be in control.  Science adapted and soon we were able to use implants to temporarily paralyze or “direct” the electricity in one’s brain. Unlike, prosthetic limbs, cognitive learning or the reversal of memory declination was extremely limited because of how many neurons we have per inch of our brain.

At the Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s annual conference,  a grid that lays atop the Brain to directly connect with 300-400 neurons per millimeter was presented. This has been suggested to help learn  & improve recollection in patients with cognitive deficits.

Technology is always unlocking new ways for us to grow on this journey together. Where, one day there will be a cure that is accessible for anyone from Epilepsy in our youth to Dementia in our seniors. It also is unlocks hope for me and my future kids that the suffering we are facing as a society during this epidemic, will indeed come to an end.

Source:  Lisa M.P. Munoz, CNS Public Information Officer &

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A Moment of Me

Transitions in life can be quite scary. The fear of the undetermined, and the haunting game of “what if” feels all to intimidating during this time.

I’m personally taking a leap faith at the moment and am so nervous for the future. However, I studied Behavioral Neuroscience and happen to know that the neurotransmitters that are fired in your brain when you are nervous are the same ones that are taking off when you are excited. The way you perceive your emotions can simply be altered.

The quickened heart beat, sweaty palms, and overstimulated thoughts, can all be symptoms of both nerves and excitement.

It’s important to recognize that some of the biggest transitions in life are unexpected and we continue on. For example, having your first period, getting into a car accident, or getting diagnosed with disease. It’s a change that you have to grow from. I firmly believe that we are never faced with something we can not overcome. If the answer you are looking for does not exist, then you have to write it for everyone else who’s going through similar struggles.

So today I’ve made the decision to not be scared, but excited! I am thrilled for my next chapter, and can not wait to explore the unknown that my future holds.



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“AH shoot” I hear Melanie say as I walk into the kitchen. I see her wiping up a mess of coffee grounds with a sponge.

“Need a hand Mel?” I say to my sister.

“Oh hey, could you just bring that cup to mom? She’s out back.” She nods her head towards the the  red, speckled, mug of steaming coffee on the table.

“I sure can.” I grab the mug and walk out to the back yard. “Morning Beautiful!” I say settling across from my mom at her table.

“It is a beautiful morning.” she says not breaking her focus on something in the distance I try to follow her stare but don’t see anything.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask pulling out my phone, and browsing through my notifications.

“I had this dream, it felt real but I can’t fully remember it.” She says more to herself than me.

“What were you doing in your dream?” I ask.

“I was shouting.”

“at who?” I prode.

“I don’t know.”

“Where were you?”

“It was warm and dark, I wasn’t wearing pants.”

“That’s interesting. What were you shouting?” I ask.

“I can be as loud as I want.” She says without hesitation.

“That wasn’t a dream, Mom.” Melanie laughs joining us. “That was a memory.” She looks at me “You don’t remember? We were camping at the beach when we were little, you and I ran away from the boys and the fire pit. We ran all the way down to the ocean screaming. Then mom chased us down there and yelled at us to hush.”

“I do remember that!” I was smiling from ear to ear now. “I told her to look around, it’s just us and we can be as loud as we want.”

“Then she started screaming way louder than us.” Mel was beaming.  “She planted her feet on the sand, puffed her chest out and threw her fists at her side before hollering ‘I CAN BE AS LOUD AS I WANT!'”

Mom is smiling into her coffee now “I hope you always remember the memories that I forget.”

Melanie put her hand on Mom’s shoulder, “You gave us so many good ones” she whispered.

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Food For Thought

“The mind is often compared to a cup of dirty water. When it is shaken, the water is cloudy, but when it is still, the sand settles to the bottom of the cup and the water is clear.” -Cyndi Lee


Matcha Green Tea

One serving of matcha tea is nutritionally equal to 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea because when you drink matcha, you ingest the entire leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the leaf. Matcha powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea!


Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha:

•Stronger immune system


•Type 2 diabetes

•Cardiovascular health

•Increases energy

•Burns calories


•Mental alertness and calming effect

•Improves cholesterol

•Protection from infections

•Gastrointestinal health

•Cancer prevention


Price of Tea A guy walks into a coffee shop and asks the waitress: “How much is the tea?” “Tea is four dollars.” the waitress says “How much is a refill?” the man asks. “Free, “says the waitress. “Then I’ll take a refill!” the man responds.