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The Calm Before The Storm



Fear, anticipation and anxiety is a recipe for high blood pressure, seizures, and a host of other expected and unexpected  health issues. When a person you care deeply about is suffering, all you can think about is how you can help with their healing process. If certain information is misunderstood and action is carried out regardless of awareness of the truth, the consequences could have the exact opposite of the intention.

Communication is key when solving any problems, and that includes emotional, physical and neurological issues. Certain emotions, pain sensations, and anatomic anomalies all affect people in different ways, and the ways in which people react and deal with these issues ultimately will lead to their success or defeat of the disease in which they are fighting.


•Read a book

•Create art

•Write in a journal

•Have a nap

•Talk with friends



•Do house cleaning



What if your dream came true & you didn’t even know it?

Thats is exactly what happened to Ted McDermott, the 80 year old Carpool Karaoke sensation. He was diagnosed in 2013 with Dementia. He spent much of his prime singing around the country in clubs known as “The Songminute Man”.

 Ironically, he got this name “simply because of how many songs he knew” his son Simon McDermott writes.

After years of tough times,  his family got Ted singing again thanks to the advice of a stranger at the end of a help hotline over at the Alzheimer’s Society.  Simon started posting videos of the two performing some sweet ballads while cruising around town, like the one below, which has landed Ted a record deal with Decca.

Ted’s dream came true and “it’s a shame he can’t be fully aware of what’s happening” Simon says.

What’s really touching about their story is that, because Simon reached out for help during a difficult situation in his family, he received a tip from someone who has most likely seen these symptoms before. That tip, allowed Simon to reconnect with his father through music. Simon was so thankful that he has raised £122,640 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Plus, half of the proceeds from Ted’s record deal!

We are not alone in this battle. Connect to your community. Ask for help. Great things will happen.

To Learn more about their spectacular story :

Or visit their Youtube for many more of these uplifting singing clips


We know the effects of Fish oil, but have you heard about Scallop Plasmalogen?

The fact the Seafood is rich in nutrients and good for our brain is nothing new. However, Dr. Takehiko Fujino (M.D., Ph.D.) suggests that Scallop derived plasmalogens can be taken like a fish oil pill to help reverse the effects of Neurogenesis.

“The team made a groundbreaking discovery on the benefits of plasmalogen on Alzheimer’s patients and successfully developed and patented an extraction method to extract high potency plasmalogen from scallop”

What’s interesting is that back when they started finding plasmalogens to extract they first pulled it from chickens until they realized the potency was extremely saturated in Scallops!

He also tells us that we can gain these benefits through an off-the-shelves supplement,  “Scallop-derived PLASMALOGEN is naturally extracted from scallop in its native form without chemical alteration. Thus, it is not a drug and no prescription is required.”

This sounds like a good excuse to indulge more on my shellfish consumption! YUM!

You can read more from the research team over at LABO Nutrition – Lifestream Group Pte Ltd, with the support of Emeritus Professor Takehiko Fujino of Kyushu University at 




Sunday Funday / A Happy Heart

“Rise and Shine, & give God your Glory! Glory!!”

I could hear her voice getting louder and louder as she repeated that phrase in a sing-songy tone.

I heard the doors of my sibling’s bedrooms swing open and before I could even open my eyes to the sun blaring through my window, it was my door being opened and that phrase being sung to me as I groggily rubbed my eyes, dragging myself out of bed.

My mom would wake us up every Sunday in the same fashion for a typical Sunday in our household. For me, this day included an early mass with my entire family. After, we would all go eat at a restaurant where my Mom would force each us to state a personal goal for the week.

“To master my 9’s times tables” My eldest brother would say with a mouthful.

“To beat Pokemon Gold on my Gameboy” My other brother would say with determination.

“To pass my ship’s inspection!” My military father would proclaim.

“Um, to finish all my dinner this week?” My little sister would try.

“To do something selfless, for someone who may seem undeserving” My mother would preach.

I always struggled as it came to my turn. My answers usually revolving around memorizing a cheer, or perfecting my comp routine.

Not too long ago, I was chatting with my siblings  and our mom about this little exercise. She told us that it was important for her to understand what our focus of that week was going to be. For her, these conversations were her way of recalibrating to each of us. With these small insights to every individual in her family she could connect to us about something we valued.

As a young adult living on my own, my Sundays now usually consist of football, home cooked meals, and being surrounded by friends in a comfortable setting. I do this because it’s my own way to recalibrate my week and nourish the relationships I value.

“Your glass is empty, you want another beer?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I laugh, taking the ice cold pint glass from my best friend. Then joining the boys on the couch who have their eyes glued to the T.V while talking about the horrible call that the referee just made.

The whole room smells of fall vegetables roasting in the oven, and there’s a comfortable warmth of the setting September sun.

Sunday rituals are my favorite way to start off the week with a happy heart.


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How to make Lemonade, when life hands you Lemons

We have all heard the quote “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” but not once has anyone ever told me how.

Let’s break it down for sec.

All you need are Lemons, Ice, and Sugar. However, if I handed these ingredients to a kindergartener, I’m not confident I would get a glass of the sweet, ice cold, beverage I was after. Nor would I expect them to cut the lemon, squeeze out the juice, add the right amount of sugar, mix it up and pour it into a glass over ice.

I could tell them how to do it. Although, letting a child play with a knife wouldn’t be my brightest idea.

The point I’m making, is that even the most obvious task to you, may need an explanation and maybe some assistance to get your desired result.

I am constantly faced with obstacles I don’t know how to handle. Which is beyond frustrating. When I recognize that feeling of frustration, it usually means that I need to ask “How?”

How do I get over this obstacle? How do I make something so sour into something sweet that I can enjoy?