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There was this one time I went to visit my mom.  We were out in the garden, just trimming some of her flowers. She was telling me this story of when we were younger and in the Sorority.

We were never in college together and I am 100% sure she was never in a sorority. But this was her story today.

So we were in the Sorority and she was telling me how she was running for President and the runner up was such a sore loser. Mom said something along the lines of

“…Mags marched up to me and smiled wide for all the cameras. Our other sisters were documenting the moment, because you know its a big deal. I was very well liked by all the girls, and the guys but we won’t get into that.” she feigned modesty. “That Margie girl was a real wicked thing. She gave me hug and whispered ‘I just love your lipstick, Its the perfect shade of whore red.’ Oh, she was just a jealous green giant. If I were her, I’d have been jealous too you know!”

“Mom what was her name?” I asked for clarification.

“That Meanie Margie, I’d never forget that poor soul.” She said with certainty.

I stopped my trimming, a horrified, astonished grin creeped on to my face. I touched my mom’s arm, and right as I was about to say “MOM! MY NAME IS MARGIE!” I remembered this was her story, and at least in some twisted way she remembered my name today.

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Grocery Maze

“Ma’am can I help you find something?” A young guys says approaching me.

“Why would I need help?” I ask him.

“Oh, I just thought… I’m sorry, its just that you’ve been in this aisle for a almost 45 mins.” He told me before quickly scurrying away. I look at the collection of glasses and plastics holding different colors of pastes, liquids and sauces from the floor to above my head. I have about five dressings in my basket. I’m not sure if I plan to make something or if I just wanted them because they look interesting.

Do I need help? Was I here for something in particular? I turn away from the same aisle that momentarily stunned me with options and was now spinning my head into a frenzy. I reached down for the cart in front of me and jumped at the sight of hands grabbing the handle. Quickly I look around and there is no one else except for a worker at the end of the row restocking something. Again, I reach for the cart and I realize the hands I don’t recognize must be my own.

That is my ring. Those must be my knuckles and those must be my nails. I went to reach for the cart and these are the hands that grabbed it therefore these are mine. I assure myself. I wander towards the front of the store and get lost by milk and juices before grasping that I was at the back of the grocery.

Finally making it to the counter, I unload my condiments on the conveyer belt along with some peaches that were in my basket.

Who put those in there? I smiled in bemusement and shrugged it off.

“Are those peaches? 4401! I know that one like the back of my hand!” the checkout girl said.

“Thats good, one day you may not recognize your own hands!” I say looking at my own again.

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Moment of Me

Lots of opinions floating around this week succeeding the presidential election of the United States. I purposefully didn’t post anything about the president nominees because -well honestly I wasn’t moved by either option.

Frankly, I am not overjoyed by President Elect Donald Trump. He has said and done things that make me, a millennial in the U.S., shake my head.

However, I do believe that things happen for a reason and although there are undeniable flaws, the democratic system we have in place is there for a reason. That reason being the most fair we as a country could agree on. I’m specifically referring to the electoral versus popular vote. Although Hilary Clinton won popular vote, Donald trump won by a higher number of electoral votes. Thus he is President Elect of the United States.

What is unacceptable and disgusting is the Americans out in our society who not only verbally abuse Trump supporters but are also physically destructive of our home. This is America, “Home of the brave, land of the free.” Yet, there are Americans rioting, protesting, and destroying our streets our people, and our businesses.  I’m appalled and ashamed. Not that Trump is president but that this is how Americans act when they do not get their way.

The fact that you had the sheer right the vote should come with a promise of a respectful loss.  Hilary represented a notion of change, first women president, a voice for minorities. Why, then would the voters who support her act in such opposition of what she stood for?

I am the daughter of immigrants, the daughter of a Nurse, the daughter of the Disabled, the daughter of a Veteran, the daughter of Upper Middle Class, the daughter of Divorced parents, the daughter of a Blended family, the daughter of Public school systems, the daughter of the Catholic church, and the daughter of California. I have had many figures shape my political views and the one that shapes me the most are the cries of families who have been hurt by an absurd act of violence.  Violence such as terrorism, such as gender discrimination, such as racism, such as drug abuse, and such natural disasters.

I am one of many, who has to work hard to help my loved one have a cognitive grasp on reality on a day to day basis. This week has been really difficult for me to explain, but also understand myself.

This morning in mass, the priest sent out a collection basket for a family who was displaced due to wild fires and someone yelled “Down with Democrats”.  As I shook my head and said a prayer asking God to forgive him and bless his home with the love it needs, my mom touched my elbow and the concerned expression on her face meant that the car ride home was going to be a long one.

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I often fear that when I finally reach 6 months of being seizure free, I will again fall back into the dangerous cycle of trusting myself too much and forgetting I have limitations. The pattern begins with realizing I have been healthy without medication, followed by pushing myself too far into exhaustion until my brain can no longer handle the energy that my mind has been fueling it with.

I am currently 4 months seizure free, and with certainty I can say my health has to do with my change in lifestyle. I work from home where I can rest, eat and drink water when I need to. My having a consistent sleep schedule has also done incredible things for my outlook on life and excitement for every day. I feel like this time I will make the 6 month mark, and I will be able to enjoy 2017 without fearing I will end up in the hospital again.

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