This beautiful historic building has been renovated into a therapeutic sanctuary. This impressive two story building, houses up to 10 of our members. With 6 universally designed washrooms, 1 spa bath and specially designed roll in showers – this home is equipped with everything you need to live comfortably. The kitchen offers a unique 1960s diner experience, allowing members of the home to savor the smells of cooking while socializing with the in home private chef. The home centres itself around the farmhouse inspired fireplace, which warms both the dining and entertainment rooms. The design also includes a library, arts and crafts room, respite room, laundry room, nursing station and family room.


Lifehouse is situated in the center of Renfrew, walking distance from the community center and all the popular amenities. Renfrew is a vibrant inner city community,  primarily built for veterans and their families. The many independently owned shops, cafes and restaurants along Edmonton Trail create a vibrant “Main Street”. The proximity to downtown, combined with the “small town” neighborhood feel, make this the perfect community, connected to inner-city conveniences without the hustle and bustle of downtown living. In 2014 Renfrew was listed as #22 on Avenue Magazine’s “50 Best Neighbourhoods” list.

The downtown core is within three kilometers and is community for all ages with fitness facilities, fields, playgrounds, schools, churches, the Calgary Boys and Girls Club and the Renfrew 50+ Club right in our neighbourhood. With the Calgary Zoo, and the Spark Science Centre within walking distance Lifehouse is truly the center of the community. Lifehouse intrinsically benefits from the social inclusion Renfrew offers. Renfrew has over 20,000 volunteers in the Calgary community association network, making it the largest volunteer movement in the city!


Our Care Homes provide holistic medical & personal care in an environment that is comfortable and accessible. Every aspect of our homes are designed to prevent and reduce symptoms of illness right down to the colour,  plants, and lighting. Our Care Homes provide full-time care for up to 10 members requiring 24/7 care. Our Care homes provide a loving caring environment, where people feel safe and comfortable, while benefiting from all the healing amenities.

At LifeHouse we respect the natural process of aging and healing from the way we design our space, how we treat our members, dedicated medical and holistic Care staff, and by offering the best nutritional options available. Our team is dedicated to creating a new way to age.

Phone: 403 – 923 – 9597

Email: twyla@lifehousecares.org


Lifehouse Address:

802 7 Ave NE

Calgary AB T2E 0N7