Right now our fragile citizens are being forced into institutionalized environments where they must rapidly adapt to an often harsh and ridged institutional routine deprived of privacy and liberty, and subjected to a diminished stigmatized status. Housed with over a hundred people and surrounded by staff who are stressed out overworked and underpaid – you can imagine the experience is stressful, unpleasant and very overwhelming.

There are two key aspects of care – people and environment.  All of us are shaped and transformed by the environment we live in and are naturally influenced by the people around us.  A home setting provides an adaptable environment which promotes individualized care.  the small-scale setting allows our specialized care team the opportunity to adopt the care to our members unique  needs. Our care is built on 8 pillars;  Compassion Care, Nutrition,  Activities, Education, Arts,  Culture, Socialization, and Spiritual Support.  Each pillar of care is adapted to incorporate the Care theme.